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    If you scroll over the admin tab and then click on Network settings. Once it opens click on the "registration Tab"
    Scroll down and you will see a section for "Custom Registration Questions" - click on Add question and you can ask for the shirt size information. It has worked out really well for us especially during championship nights because we can get a better estimate of what sizes of shirts we need to give out to our champs. Instead of taking several of each size we take the highest number of each size from each team. That way we have enough for championship night. Hope it helps. Oh yeah, also next time the participant logs on to imleagues it will prompt them to add any new custom question you might have added to the registration.

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    Advertising is crucial to recruiting teams/participants to join our programs. We do everything we possibly can to get the word out. Here is a link to our website with all the supporting ways that we advertise. We also use social media, table events in high target areas around campus, our school's event calendar, word of mouth, specialized events to promote deadlines (prize give-a-ways) and so forth.

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    We are currently running Madden & FIFA tourneys. We set up the league to take student sign ups in teams of two and setup matches bracket style. For now we have been doing single elimination and one day tournaments on multiple systems in order to maximize the tourney and finish in one day.

    also we are taking the show on the road because we have 5 campus under our college. A good undertaking but we manage and get students to participate.

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    This is what we just implemented at our college:

    Team Name Guidelines
    To preserve the professionalism and integrity of our Intramural Sports leagues & tournaments, Objectively Offensive team names are prohibited. Each team is required to provide their team name by _________________or prior to participation (I would give a time frame so they have time to make changes). The Student Activities & Wellness Department reserves the right to deny the use of a name, or to disqualify a team from participation in Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments for refusing to alter inappropriate names. The department reserves the right to change or alter your team name; all team names must be spelled out, and it is recommended that you select a short team name as acronyms are not permitted.

    The criteria for the denying, or disqualification of a team name include but may not be limited to:
    · Abusive, vulgar or profane language
    · Sexual connotations
    · References to drugs or violence

    Please make sure that your team name DOES NOT contain Objectively Offensive language or expressions such as PROFANITY, or references to DRUGS, SEX, or VIOLENCE.

    All teams must be in compliance of federal rules imposed on colleges and universities across the country. For more information on our college's policy please refer to

    In looking at your statements I think we should incorporate what you used as well to be a bit more specific: It is not offensive to any religion, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or any other student group on campus.*

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