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    I attended this session as well, and we at CSU-Pueblo were one of the few who have gone to the play pass model.

    Increased revenue- leads to better EQ, more training, more extramural activities
    Increased participation- "Already paid for it" mentality
    Super easy to manage-stickers on ID
    Team captains no longer responsible for seeking reimbursement for paying team fee
    Reduces on site sign up-can't play without the pass

    Increased cost per participant- a perception here...pay $10 for one sport rather than $2
    Increased return players- not bad, but we see a lot of the same people
    Reduces on site sign up- can't grab random person to play when down a player

    Overall- I highly recommend it if you can manage it. We offer a sale the first week of the semester to encourage the sale, $10 a semester, or $15 for a year, and then it goes to $20 a semester or $35 for a year.

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    Can't say that I've ever done this. Our teams pay to play, so I assume they will be at their games. We do have a rule that if you have a "no call, no show" we eject your team from the league, which I suppose has helped!

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    Hello all-

    Is it possible to track a player who buys an intramural pass that would provide them access to all leagues for once price, in addition to those paying for a team fee?

    For example, we are considering providing the option to have students purchase an IM pass that enables them to play all the sports per semester, but we think there will also be some who just want to play one or two sports.

    If we move to the IM pass method, we would like an option to check that particular player off, so they have access to all sports, and keep those who haven't paid from doing the same.

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