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Age Changing

How can you allow any age to create an account?

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Fantasy Football

Hello! Tyler here @ IMLeagues. You can create a league for fantasy football just like you would any other league - create the sport (re-title it to Fantasy Football), and then add the league. While we do not currently have a way to track scoring automatically through IMLeagues, you're more than welcome to link to another website that does (ESPN, Yahoo, etc). We are hoping to eventually have our own fantasy football option :)

Alternatively, I would suggest using our new "Pick 'Ems" feature, which can now be 100% run on IMLeagues! Pick 'Ems are a fun & easy way to engage participants - use it for NFL games, MLB, NCAA Football, etc. You can set up the games each week, participants can choose who they think will win, and we'll keep an automated tally of their score from week-to-week. Please feel free to reach out via our live chat if you have any questions on how to set this up:

Live Chat

You can also reach me at tyler@imleagues.com or at 919-617-1114!


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Elam Ending

I have floated the idea of using the Elam Ending before as well, so Im quite interested to see how students would feel about it. In a campus rec scenario in particular, eliminating late game fouling seems like it could be a really nice product of using the Elam ending. Explaining it initially, probably a little tougher, but maybe worth it?

Parker Goss
Coordinator of Intramural Sports
California State University Sacramento

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Utilizing imleagues for Club Sports

Simply put IMLeagues is by far the easiest, most interactive, and graphically appealing online intramural league registration program out there on the market, ...

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Fitness Class costs?

Does anyone else's intramural program run fitness classes? If so how much are you paying? We are trying to reduce the price associated with our classes. Any other alternatives?

Alexander Harvey
Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports
Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne

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Participation Stats - more parameters

Things that our administration wants to know include:

Ethnicity and Race
Domestic vs International student
Household Income
First Generation Student?
Other campus involvement, such as club leadership, employment, etc.
Varsity Athlete? If so, what sport?
Which dorm/hall they are apart of?

Since each campus is very different, it would be great to have custom registration questions that administrators can set up. Then, administrators can pull participation data based on those questions. So, I could have a question that asks what country a student is from, and then in the participation statistics, I could see that 85% of IM students are from the US and 3% are from China, etc.

Lastly, our campus wants students to be able to list "other" and "prefer not to answer" on gender. Is there a way to allow that?

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Color Changing Cups

These fun cups are reusable, and change colors when ice is added. Pink turns into deep pink, bright yellow becomes green, light blue turns cobalt blue, ...

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