• Myers Myers

    I'm back to answer more questions!

    1. We don't currently have a way to remove the women's bracket, but i'll talk to the developers to see if we can get that an option.

    2. I want to add an option description area with each bracket that admins can customize. That way each school can add their own personal message and add things like "This league wins a T-shirt" or "this is just for fun" etc.

    3. On selection sunday we will add all the tournament teams to the master bracket and get them properly seeded. We'll also handle all the updating of scores and results.

    4. For the championship game users will be able to guess the final score for tie breakers.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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  • Myers Myers

    Doug from IMLeagues here!

    We are currently talking with partners so we can integrate into fantasy sports leagues so the users can sign up on IMLeagues but simultaneously be members of a popular fantasy league. They would do the day to day managing through that league, but participation stats, standings, scores, etc. would all be displayed and housed within IMLeagues.

    We do plan to build "Pick 'Em" functionality in house as well. So that you can run everything from Bowl Pick 'Ems to Bachelor Pick 'Ems haha.

    Unfortunately with Fantasy Football and other fantasy leagues the api's to pull in stats are prohibitively expensive unless that is your major focus and are able to generate scale the sort of yahoo, espn, etc.

    Sorry for the delay in response!

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  • Myers Myers


    So when you click the March Madness ribbon it should take you to the screenshot below where you can sign up for both NCAA Mens and NCAA Womens tournaments. Once you sign up you'll see a leaderboard for your school and a tab for "IMLeagues Overall" that you can click to see your rank at of all IMLeagues users (right now we just list the first 50 entries).

    From an admin perspective you techinically don't need to do anything at all, and we'll handle all the updating of scores. However you can adjust the default scoring of the bracket for the challenge within your school. Our defaul scoring is 1-2-4-8-16-32.

    0_1488296831697_Madness Image.png

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  • Myers Myers

    HI Zach,

    We do have a way for members of a team or refs to export their calendars. To do this they can go to their playercard/profile page (the page they log into) then click the "Events" tab in the center and on the calendar below is an export button.

    I do want to add many additional exports in the future which should be implemented over the summer, but this might help your refs right now.


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  • Myers Myers


    Thanks for bringing this up - I imagine it is probably a feature that would greatly help many programs!

    I have our developers currently working on a feature to address this exact issue.

    It will work in the following manner:

    1. If you have league level joining then once the team hits whatever restrictions are required to be met it will automatically move the team into the league (provided it is not locked, full, past moving dates, etc.)

    2. If you have division level joining we will have teams rank divisions upon team creation and then once the team hits whatever restrictions are required it will automatically move the team into their highest ranked division that is still available.

    3. If for whatever reason the team can not be auto moved the captain will receive an alert immediately once their team's restrictions have been met alerting them to move their team. They will also receive an alert when their team has been auto moved.

    We are excited for this new feature and hope to have it implemented by the end of the month!


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  • Myers Myers

    Hi Ricky,

    Great timing on this post! We actually just sent our latest update email using MailChimp for the first time and it was an awesome experience. Literally at that point I decide to make it one of our top priorities to completely overhaul the message center.


    1. Easily build campaign lists (we have a ton of options currently, but it doesn't seem to be intuitive enough for first time users)
    2. Easy email templates and drafts (We've already begun working on this, but after checking out mail chimp I want to add even more to it!)
    3. Track results
    • Opens; Email, On Site, REC*IT App, Text (not sure if text is possible)

    Anyway look for this overhaul coming early next semester. We're still investigating some things from a development perspective, but we are excited to get this overhaul on the site!

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  • Myers Myers

    This is a really good topic. We've been planning on overhauling our refs area! I feel like there are a few things that would be pretty easy to do that could really make a huge difference in its usability. Those who are familiar with this section we'd love the feedback.

    Additionally how many people use ref specific software and if you do which program do you ue and do you like it? We've been considering integrating with ref software as well and it would be great to get that feedback.


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  • Myers Myers

    I hope you're as excited as we are about the new school year!

    We've been working hard to deliver an all new version of our official app RECIT and it's now ready to debut just in time for Fall 2015. RECIT 2.0 is completely free and has been redesigned just for you based on the incredible feedback we've received from rec administrators around the country.

    We've added some great new features and totally revamped the design (available now!). Intramurals and rec activities are now truly mobile as your students can finally use their phones to:

    • Create an IMLeagues account
    • Create and join teams
    • Send and accept team invitations
    • Add free agents or identify as one
    • And much more!

    We have a simple REC*IT 2.0 Product Overview you can download here to familiarize you with these new tools, look and feel. We're happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule a training session to walk you through the app. Just send a note to and a member of our University Relations team will be glad to assist you.

    We've also created a REC*IT 2.0 Digital Marketing Kit for you to download so you have our best marketing materials at your fingertips. These items are commonly used in rec centers to help spread the word about this great resource to your student body. You'll notice links to download the files so you can customize with your school logo and display as you see fit. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for materials that are not featured in this kit.

    We rebuilt REC*IT from the ground up because we know a better app will get more students involved in rec sports and activities plus make your job as a rec administrator much more efficient. We'd love to hear from you if you feel there is anything additional we can do to deliver on this promise.

    And we're also excited to announce the arrival of REC*IT FITNESS in mid-October. Any school that uses IMLeagues to manage their on-campus group fitness programs will have access.

    All the best for a great semester,

    Doug, Greg, Tyler & Team REC*IT

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  • Myers Myers


    Hey Bert!

    REC*IT already has basic functionality for creating accounts and creating/joining teams via a product update last week! Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be rolling out additional functionality, tweaking the process flow, and integrating some awesome new designs. We are actually sending out an update email tomorrow that will include an animated gif of the new designs and I'll be sure to post it here as well.

    Glad to see you are excited for the new functionality!

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