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    Things that our administration wants to know include:

    Ethnicity and Race
    Domestic vs International student
    Household Income
    First Generation Student?
    Other campus involvement, such as club leadership, employment, etc.
    Varsity Athlete? If so, what sport?
    Which dorm/hall they are apart of?

    Since each campus is very different, it would be great to have custom registration questions that administrators can set up. Then, administrators can pull participation data based on those questions. So, I could have a question that asks what country a student is from, and then in the participation statistics, I could see that 85% of IM students are from the US and 3% are from China, etc.

    Lastly, our campus wants students to be able to list "other" and "prefer not to answer" on gender. Is there a way to allow that?

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    In our program, we utilize free throws. However, I have worked summer league basketball tournaments that use the following:

    Common Foul = 1 point and retain possession
    Shooting Foul (missed shot) = 2 or 3 points and change possession
    Shooting Foul (made shot) = 2 or 3 points (and 1 point) and change possession

    Essentially, they just assume that every free throw that would be awarded would be made. I think it works pretty well.

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