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Age Changing

How can you allow any age to create an account?

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Member Management and Messaging by Phone #

You do have the ability to search by phone number, but there seems to be some limitations on the functionality of it. For example, you type in the last 4 digits of a phone number nothing is found, but if you start with the area code the system will find it.

However, it all depends on how the person typed in their number as well. When I created my account I used dashes (407-xxx-xxxx). If I don't include those dashes when I search (407xxxxxxx) my number won't come up. I wish we had the ability to search by the last 4 digits. It may pull up more numbers than we need but it's probably faster than deciding if they used a dash or not.

Hope this helps,


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Officials vs No Officials for Intramural Regular Season


My department is currently exploring the idea of potentially not using officials moving forward. They would like everything to be "self officiated" up until the playoffs. Which in my opinion is do able, except for highly competitive sports such as: Basketball, Flag Football, and Soccer. I was wondering how this works for everyone else, and rather or not you get positive feedback from the students.

Thanks in advance!

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Alumni playing club sports

We let Alumni play. They are expected to follow all of the same rules and regulations that the students have. When they register through IMLegaues they must be verified and approved by the Campus Rec department. They either have to show their alumni ID or a photo ID when checking in (we require a student/photo ID when signing in for all IMS events).

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Participation Stats - more parameters

Things that our administration wants to know include:

Ethnicity and Race
Domestic vs International student
Household Income
First Generation Student?
Other campus involvement, such as club leadership, employment, etc.
Varsity Athlete? If so, what sport?
Which dorm/hall they are apart of?

Since each campus is very different, it would be great to have custom registration questions that administrators can set up. Then, administrators can pull participation data based on those questions. So, I could have a question that asks what country a student is from, and then in the participation statistics, I could see that 85% of IM students are from the US and 3% are from China, etc.

Lastly, our campus wants students to be able to list "other" and "prefer not to answer" on gender. Is there a way to allow that?

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Color Changing Cups

Hey Everyone,

We are handing these out during the beginning of school and during Club Fair. The logo is on both sides. Not expensive to make, we got 900 for around $610.00.

Nick Owens
Virginia Western Community CollegeCup (600x800).jpg

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