• Allison Allison

    We use it as our primary scheduling tool. It has some bumps, but overall has worked well. We opted for Refs to input their Unavailability and assume they are otherwise available. After we run a season's schedule, they have 24 hours in input all their unavailability before we make assignments. The drop down menus for assigning make it quite easy...we just keep record of how many games each ref has. Once a schedule is published, it pushes their work schedule to their IMLeagues calendar. Downside: When you reschedule a game they are assigned to, it takes the refs with it and does not consider their availability or if they are reffing/playing in other games at that time.

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  • Allison Allison

    @Bill Pueblo is a cool place! When you enable package pricing as an option, a student will have to make a choice when registering a team or joining a team. They will have the option to purchase the package OR just pay for the individual sport they are joining. It is my understanding (please someone correct me if I am wrong) that the season pass will mark that student as "paid" in the system for all selected events within the date range created on the package. A student who pays for just one sport is only marked as paid for that sport. That student will not be given unlimited access.

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    We are looking to incorporate package pricing and creating a Season Pass. I was hoping some of you would have feedback on how you created your price point for the Season Pass? We want to make it attractive, but not cut away too much of our income!

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