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    Although many of our hands are forced from upper administration to create revenue generation, I would reflect how individual fees may affect those from lower-socioeconomic means. Whereas a team fee can be absorbed by having more members on the team, individual fees may create barriers to participation that may not have been as daunting previously. If you think $10 per student is not a lot, then visit with your office of institutional research to understand your student population in aggregate. You may be surprised what you find. How does this align with our value of inclusion?

    If one has a choice to increase student fees tied to tuition, this may be a better course forward as often financial aid can provide students with financial assistance. Once on campus if we start charging students, then that can have a much larger impact for who participates and who doesn't.

    Again, this all is moot if we don't have a choice (and many of us don't).


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    We currently don't do SSO, but we are facing a similar issue. Having Alumni and Associate (spouse) memberships that are not eligible for intramurals being eligible for fitness would be great for many schools and perhaps the tipping point for us to get our IT on board with SSO and take a look at Fusion.

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    Parsing out Playoffs and Regular Season stats would be helpful (an option to combine them for smaller activities and to separate them out perhaps for others).

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