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    @Davis228 I am the IM director at an NAIA school in Florida and some of the things we have done in the last two years to ensure student participation is to not have our leagues open to athletes. We've noticed that our school, students are less likely to play if the competition level is higher. So our leagues our open to only normal students. Also, as someone stated above, we have a free agent meeting for every sport and this helps get another 15-20 students per sport to come out for the sports. We have also begun marketing around campus and on social media. We have a student worker who comes to our games and takes pictures of the games and posts them on social media. Another thing that has helped is the fact that I am still an undergrad student on campus so I am in classes pushing the program and marketing it throughout classes and popular areas on campus. I would suggest using some student workers to push intramurals in their classes and inform everyone of the program! Granted we still have a ways to go with some sports, such as indoor soccer, co-ed softball, and ultimate frisbee, but these little things have helped quite a bit.

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