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    At Bradley (population 5000 in Illinois) we are still at the beginning stages of trying to figure out what is possible. Like you, I have come up with a list of possible activities that could be used, but waiting to hear from the University on what they will allow.

    My initial feelings will be that we will not be able to do large team sports for the fall. The softball, flag football, indoor soccer and 6s volleyball will be postponed. I hope we can do individual/dual type activities such as tennis (singles and doubles), cornhole (singles/doubles), spikeball, bocce ball and 3v3 basketball. (indoor/outdoor) to name a few. I am debating on doing leagues for those activities or weekly/bi-weekly tournaments. I also want to possibly do some skill competitions like Punt/Pass/Kick or free throw competitions. I am trying to focus more outdoor events as of now.

    We have to get all activities done by Thanksgiving as the University did announce we will go virtual learning after that break.

    Sorry wrote that quick as I need to help get my 5year old son to bed!

    I hope this might help!
    Scott (swood@bradley.edu)

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  • Wood

    Just was curious how/if anyone uses imleagues to help schedule your Canoe Battleship event? I can have three canoes in our pool for heats and then they advance to a championship round. I don't see/know a way to track that through imleagues. If anyone has done a creative scheduling method through imleagues, I would be interested.

    Scott Wood
    Bradley University

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