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    Hello! Tyler here @ IMLeagues. You can create a league for fantasy football just like you would any other league - create the sport (re-title it to Fantasy Football), and then add the league. While we do not currently have a way to track scoring automatically through IMLeagues, you're more than welcome to link to another website that does (ESPN, Yahoo, etc). We are hoping to eventually have our own fantasy football option :)

    Alternatively, I would suggest using our new "Pick 'Ems" feature, which can now be 100% run on IMLeagues! Pick 'Ems are a fun & easy way to engage participants - use it for NFL games, MLB, NCAA Football, etc. You can set up the games each week, participants can choose who they think will win, and we'll keep an automated tally of their score from week-to-week. Please feel free to reach out via our live chat if you have any questions on how to set this up:

    Live Chat

    You can also reach me at or at 919-617-1114!


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  • T Tyler IMLeagues

    Hey Joe! Yep, we still have our online live chat support! We have found that some school networks seem to be blocking the live chat client. Here is the direct link to our live chat if it is not showing for you on the website:

    I'd also recommend passing that link onto your IT folks and have them "whitelist" that URL so that it becomes viewable on the website again.

    To answer your question, yes we will definitely be doing march madness again! We plan on activating that tab in the next week or so. Everything will already be configured for you, participants can simply sign up once it's available. Looking forward to it! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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    Hi Guys!

    Tyler at IMLeagues here - I wanted to let you know that we actually already have this exact type of functionality built into our Quiz feature. When you are setting up a captain's quiz, you can embed either a video or a powerpoint presentation and have your participants view that prior to taking the quiz. This is an excellent solution for those that plan on doing away with in-person captain's meeting and providing an online option instead. We have many schools that use this feature to great success, as it greatly simplifies the process to have everything integrated on IMLeagues.

    To setup the the video/slideshow, all you need to do is grab the embed code for the media wherever it's located. For videos, the best thing to do is upload it to YouTube, which will allow you to easily grab the Embed Code, which you can then copy/paste into the quiz section of the site.

    Or if you're doing a Powerpoint Presentation, you can upload your Powerpoint to Slideshare (, and that will allow you to use an embed code once it's posted.

    Here is our tutorial document that explains how to setup captain's quizzes:

    Let me know if you have any questions on how to set this up or if there is any way that I can help!

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