Participant Help Docs

Participant Signup Instructions
How to Create an Account 2.0.docx
How to Create A Team & Join A Team

Basic Setup Instruction Docs

IMleagues Basic Set-up Instructions 2.0.docx
New Season of Sports Instructions 2.0.docx
How to Set Up Your School 2.0.docx
How to Set Up Your School Part 2-2.0.docx
How to set up school part 3- 2.0.docx
How to Set Up Facilities 2.0.docx
How to Set Up A Sport (with Leagues) 2.0.docx
How to Make Scoresheets 2.0.docx
How to- Participation Statistics 2.0.docx
Day to Day Jobs for Student Employees 2.0.docx
Setting Up Your Referees 2.0.docx
Captain's Quizzes 2.0.docx
Campus Cup 2.0.docx

Scheduling Help

Making a Schedule 2.0 .docx
When the Scheduler is not doing what you want 2.0.docx
How to Set Up Playoff Bracket 2.0.docx
Setting Up Time Preference Scheduling 2.0.docx Time Preferences.docx
How to Set Up Ladder Scheduling 2.0.docx
(Ladder Scheduling) How to Challenge Opponents 2.0.docx
Setting Up Heat Style Sports 2.0.docx
Progressive Scheduling 2.0.docx

Setting Up Payment Options

Pay Packages 2.0.docx
Custom Payment Plan 2.0.docx
Generating Coupon Codes 2.0.docx

Fitness Component Help Docs

How to Set Up Fitness Classes 2.0.docx
How to Sign Up for a Fitness Class 2.0.docx


How to Upload ID Sheets 2.0.docx
Participant Instructions on Joining School Without SSO Login 2.0.docx
Admin Privileges on IMLeagues Explained.docx
Club Sports Setup.docx